PRO+ P2 PerOxytabs® II Disinfectant Without Chlorine


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  • OneTab PRO+ P2 PerOxytabs® II tablets are on Health Canada’s list for Disinfectants Accepted Under COVID-19 Interim Measure 

    OneTab™ PRO+ P2 is a disinfectant good for all surfaces and most cleaning required in businesses and homes. Suitable for disinfecting tools, equipment, containers and all washable surfaces. Can be used in food and beverage industry, medical sectors, logistics, agriculture and gardening. Does not contain chlorine. Not for use on semi critical and critical medical devices.

    Approved for sale by Health Canada under Foreign Identifiers: DK:2007-20-5409-01005, G:N-42310/N-42320

    The  Smarter  Greener  Cleaner

    1. Disinfectant
    2. Efficient
    3. Easy to use
    4. Non-Toxic*
    5. Convenient
    6. Safe around animals*
    7. Safe in food handling environments*
    8. Not temperature sensitive, won’t freeze or melt
    9. Lightweight
    10. Cost effective
    11. Chlorine free
    12. Cruelty-Free
    13. 100% Vegan

    *In diluted finished product

  • Dissolve 1 - 2 tablets in 1L of warm water (approx. 30 °C), the recommended concentration for use in hygiene and medical sector is 6 g/l. After dissolution allow for a reaction time of 5 minutes, then apply the solution to the pre-cleaned surface. Allow surface to remain wet for 5 - 30 minutes (depending on degree of contamination). Rinse surface with clean water. Avoid direct contact with food. Dissolved tablet should be used within 8 days to maintain efficacies.
  • Tablet Colour: White
    Tablet Diameter: 21 mm (0.83")
    Tablet Height: 10.5 mm (0.41")
    Tablet Weight: 6g
    Each Tablet Makes: 1L (33.8 fl. oz.)
    Tablets Per Carton: 50
    1 tablet in 1 L of water: 177 ppm active oxygen.
    Ingredients: Potassium monopersulfate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sulphamidic acid, sodium dodecyl sulphate, water, distilled, sodium benzoate, malic acid.
    Active Ingredients: 100 g of the product contain 64 g of potassium monopersulfate.

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