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  • Dissolve built-up fat, oil & grease and eliminate malodours and bacteria while sanitizing the interior of your dishwasher. OneTab™ Dishwasher Cleaner cleans interior components such as pipes, pumps and filters to improve dishwasher efficiency while reducing breakdowns and repairs.

    This OneTab™ 2-part system allows you to customize your cleaning requirements based on your food preferences, cooking styles and hardness of your local water source. Begin with a 60 day cycle to eliminate build-up.

    The  Smarter  Greener  Cleaner

    1. Dissolves Built-Up Fat, Oil & Grease
    2. Eliminates Malodours and Bacteria
    3. Sanitizes As It Cleans
    4. Cleans Interior Components Such as Pipes, Pumps and Filters
    5. Increases Dishwasher Efficiency While Reducing Breakdown and Repair Costs
    6. Improves Hygiene and Function Of Machine When Used Monthly (Best Used In Conjunction With OneTab™ Step 2 - Hard Scale Eliminator)
    7. Non-Corrosive
    8. Non-Toxic
    9. Septic Tank Safe
    10. Cruelty-Free
    11. 100% Vegan
  • Place a single OneTab™ onto the bottom of empty dishwasher. Run complete cleaning cycle with hot water.
    Heated Dry Not Required
  • Tablet Colour: White
    Tablet Diameter: 40 mm (1.57")
    Tablet Height: 18 mm (0.71")
    Tablet Weight: 40g
    Ingredients: Sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, disodium metasilicate, polyethylene glycol.

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