fanTABulous Clean Kit

  • Make a shift towards sustainable cleaning supplies this holiday season! For a limited time only, get a sample of our One-of-a-kind (Canada’s 1st) P2 PerOxytabs® II Disinfectant tablets absolutely FREE.

    The FanTabulous Clean Kit includes:

    Household Cleaning: All-Purpose Cleaner 4-Tab Card, Bathroom Cleaner 4-Tab Card, Glass Cleaner 4-Tab Card, Kitchen Cleaner 4-Tab Card. (Each 4-Tab card makes 4 x 750 ml solution).

    Appliance Maintenance: Dishwasher Cleaner 2-Tab Card, Hard-scale Eliminator Cleaner 2-Tab Card, Washing Machine Cleaner 2-Tab Card. (Each 2-Tab Card allows for 2 cycles).

    Wipes: 10 premium-quality OneWipe disposable Microfibre wipes.

  • Saving money, storage space, and the planet is easy with our eco-friendly tablet refills.

    All you need is a TAB, a TAP, and the empty spray bottle from your recycling bin.

    1. DROP a Tablet in your old cleaning spray bottle.
    2. FILLwith warm tap water & let it dissolve (750 ml water for Household Tabs & 1L for Disinfectant Tab)/li>
    3. SHAKE and get cleaning.
    4. LABEL the label provided on the back of packaging for easy identification.


    For Appliance Maintenance Tablets:
    Add a tab in the empty appliance and run a full cycle. Recommended once a month.

    1. 160 times Lighter
    2. 12 times more economical
    3. Mild Scent
    4. Non-toxic
    5. Fully Biodegradable
    6. Vegan, Cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny Program
    7. 95% Reduction in cleaning waste
    8. Septic Tank Safe

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