Disinfectant Refill System


  • ALL OneTab PRO+ Disinfection Tablets are on Health Canada’s list of biocides for exceptional importation and sale


    Is this the new norm? We have all heard this phrase too often over the past month and SurfaceScience has been working hard to make that as easy and safe as possible for everyone. We have introduced the OneTab™ product line and created a unique workplace system that simplifies safety with the necessity for office disinfection. OneTab’s utilize European tablet technology and are on Health Canada’s list of biocides for exceptional importation and sale, so that you can ensure employees feel safe and are protected in your workplace.

  • The  Smarter  Greener  Cleaner

    1. 1 calibrated and pre-labeled 8 litre disinfectant carboy.
    2. 1 container of 50 single 6 gram tablets to make 50 litres of disinfectant.
    3. A selection of bottles and spritzer sizes to suite your organizations needs.
    1. Effective - Utilizing trusted and proven technology
    2. Easy-to-use - Just drop the required number of tablets based on desired volume into the carboy then fill to appropriate line with regular tap water.
    3. Customizable - Choose from an assortment of different bottle sizes to suit your business needs.
    4. Convenient - Provides a continuous supply of fresh active disinfectant.
    5. Adaptable - Pre-labelled carboy allows for your choice of required volume, 1 - 8 litres per mix.
    6. Safe - including food handling environments.
    7. Fast - Five minute self-dissolving.
    8. Straightforward - No additional additives required.
    9. User-friendly - No mixing required.
    10. Ecological - Refillable bottles reduce single-use plastic waste.
    1. Helps maintain corporate HR safety standards
    2. Reduces employer liability issues from poor and/or mislabeled supplies
    3. Save time, save money and save the hassles
    4. Eliminates oversize bottles in office environments
    5. No more grocery store shopping
    6. Easy telephone or online orders
    7. Free delivery on repeat orders
  • OneTab Disinfection Station Step 1 - DROP
    OneTab Disinfection Station Step 2 - FILL
    OneTab Disinfection Station Step 3 - DISSOLVE
    OneTab Disinfection Station Step 4 - REFILL

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