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In 2018 a trio of individuals each specializing in different markets, came together with a common vision: To reduce the environmental impact and related costs associated with ready-to-use household cleaning products on the market today.

Market Leaders

With over 30 years of product development, manufacturing & sales experience worldwide and hundreds of formulations a collaboration with one of the world leaders in advanced cleaning products in tablet form was established. Today this trio are revolutionizing the chemical cleaning product industry. Utilizing state-of-the-art R&D laboratories, simple and safe proprietary formulations and patented manufacturing process, they have created an entirely new category in eco-friendly concentrated household cleaners.

OneTabs are the result of their continued devotion to create environmentally sustainable products making the smarter choice – the greener choice.

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A Demand For Change

With increasing anti-climate rallies, consumers are voicing their concerns and holding companies accountable for plastic pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and the rise in global warming. Consumers are demanding renewable energy resources, zero-waste products and concrete solutions to tackle climate change.

A Step Forward

The developers of OneTab share these same concerns. OneTabs are the result of many years of development and studies together with highly skilled chemists, numerous individuals and organizations all sharing the same vision. To reduce plastic waste and provide a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Reduce Household Waste – OneTab At A Time

OneTabs provide a zero-waste, eco-friendly alternative to regular cleaning products for everyday individuals – not just in industrial sectors. Our innovative and revolutionary cleaning tablets will eliminate waste, minimize overall environmental impact and help build a circular economy.

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In such a global climate emergency, OneTab is the solution both in terms of environmental durability and sustainability to ‘Reduce household waste OneTab at a time.’ By embracing the OneTab system, consumers can help reduce overall plastic bottle manufacturing and can reduce tons of plastic bottles being dumped into landfills annually by repurposing their current plastic bottles.

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