OneTab PRO+ Disinfectants

ALL OneTab PRO+ Disinfection tablets are on Health Canada’s list for Disinfectants Accepted Under COVID-19 Interim Measure 

Stop The spread
OneTab Pro Line-Up

Disinfectants are an effective solution for helping reduce risk and restore a safer and healthier business environment that is critical to getting our economy up and running again.

WIn business environments where people are working, if high-touch surfaces such as workstations, countertops, fixtures, and seating are not disinfected, harmful viruses can spread rapidly. Just like frequent, careful handwashing is a necessary measure for humans to stave off virus transmission. Regular disinfection is imperative to help keep establishments where people shop, eat, live, attend school, and work as protected as possible. OneTab offers an optimal solution for the storage and safety of disinfectant use.


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