We invented disinfectant tablets to help your business eliminate storage problems, budget constraints, and logistics nightmares.

Tested, Certified & Proven Effective Against Coronavirus

ALL OneTab PRO+ Disinfection tablets are on Health Canada’s list for Disinfectants Accepted Under COVID-19 Interim Measure

OneTab Pro+ DisinfectantsBy eliminating water weight, and bulky packaging, our commercial disinfectants make for a superior, cost-effective alternative to liquid chemicals. Our industrial-grade disinfectant tablets are safe and easy to transport anywhere in Canada. (Bonus: No Need for Heated Delivery!) By shipping active ingredients only, our industrial disinfectants can help you save significant TRANSPORTATION COSTS and STORAGE SPACE without compromising the performance of the tabs.

Designed for easy industrial disinfection, OneTab Pro+ Disinfectants just require water. The pre-proportioned formulas are perfect for busy sites, eliminating the hassle of mixing and proportioning. Our non-toxic, odor-free disinfection formulas were developed to provide a cleaner, safer environment while protecting your staff and the planet.

With Covid-19 disrupting life, problems like product shortages, indefinite backorders, and escalating product prices have been surging across the cleaning industry. We recognize these challenges and therefore ensure that our inventory is regularly stocked, and ready to be shipped.

By streamlining the buying process, we are committed to providing disinfection solutions to all our clients with consistent and timely order fulfillment.

For all your disinfection and cleaning supply needs, look no further! We have got your back!

How are OneTab Pro+ Disinfectants better for your business?



Intense Cleaning Power

Intense Cleaning Power

Non-Toxic Disinfection


Non-Temperature sensitive

Non Temperature Sensitive

Save Transportation Costs and Storage Space

Our Disinfectants
OneTab Pro+ Disinfectants

Receive disinfectant tablets in mail

Traditional Disinfectants
Traditional Disinfectants

Massive containers + Require Heated Delivery

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