Hard Scale Eliminator

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  • Removes calcium, limescale & mineral deposits from interior dishwasher components such as pipes, pumps, filters and nozzles. Use OneTab™ Hard Scale Eliminator to clean & brighten glasses, cups, mugs, stemware & dishes in one CYCLE!

    This OneTab™ 2-part system allows you to customize your cleaning requirements based on your food preferences, cooking styles and hardness of your local water source. Begin with a 60 day cycle to eliminate build-up.

    The  Smarter  Greener  Cleaner

    1. Removes calcium, limescale & mineral deposits
    2. Proven to Increase Dishwasher Efficiency
    3. Cleans Pipes, Pumps, Filters and Nozzles
    4. Clean & Brighten Glasses, Cups, Mugs, Stemware and Dishes IN ONE CYCLE
    5. Regular Descaling Is Crucial For Hygiene, Performance and Service Life Of Machines
    6. Removes Bacterial Growth
    7. Reduces Energy Consumption Of Heating Components
    8. Dissolves In Warm Water In 5-6 Minutes
    9. 15x More Effective Than The Leading Competition At Dissolving Limescale
    10. Improves Hygiene and Function Of Machine When Used Monthly (Best Used In Conjunction With OneTab™ Step 1 - Dishwasher Cleaner)
    11. Non-Corrosive
    12. Non-Toxic
    13. Septic Tank Safe
    14. Cruelty-Free
    15. 100% Vegan
  • For Interior of Dishwasher:
    1. Place a single OneTab™ Dishwasher Step 2 onto the bottom of empty dishwasher.
    2. Run complete cleaning cycle with hot water.
      Heated dry not required.

    For Use With Glass & Stemware:
    1. Load dishwasher with glassware affected by hard scale fogging and/or discoloration.
    2. Place a single OneTab™ Step 2 onto the bottom of dishwasher.
    3. Run complete cleaning cycle with hot water.
  • Tablet Colour: White
    Tablet Diameter: 40 mm (1.57")
    Tablet Height: 18 mm (0.71")
    Tablet Weight: 40g
    Dimensions: [w x h x d] 120 mm x 180 mm x 18 mm (4.72" x 7.09" x 0.71")
    Card Weight: 98g
    Tablets Per Card: 2

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Customer Reviews
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This tab cleans my dishwasher amazingly!

Amazing Product

We live in the country and hard water from our well has always been a problem for our glassware and dishes - the build-up always made our glasses look like they had a white film on them. I put this in my dishwasher with all my glassware and I couldn't believe the results! My glasses look brand new and sparkling clean and it certainly helps my dishwasher. Highly recommend this product!