Tablets vs Liquid in Commercial Uses

by Sarah Brooks December 19, 2019

Tablets vs Liquid in Commercial Uses

Often when professionals first see our OneTab™ Pro+ Line Tablets they are skeptical, and can you blame them? For years we have been told that for a cleaner to be effective it needs to have an overwhelming smell that is distinct to cleaners. Another common belief is that we need to use a lot more of it for it to be effective. Even if the bottle says you need to mix 1:10, most people are going to mix a little more just to make sure it’s going to work. However, in this case – more is not always better.

For example, that 5 litre bottle of concentrate you bought for your team should make 50 Litres, but once everyone adds that “little bit more“ you are lucky if your team gets 45 Litres. Then you are left wondering ‘why?’, ‘why can’t they just do what the instructions state?’ At times, end users rarely see the whole picture. From unnecessary concentrate consumption, one has to also account for spillage and product loss because the concentrates have become unusable because of temperature changes. So now that 5 Litres doesn’t appear to be such a bargain after all, is it?

Tablets on the other hand are not affected by temperature, they don’t become unstable when it is too hot, and they won’t freeze. OneTabs are pre-measured so there is no need to add “just a little more” and they take up much less space in a warehouse, in a work vehicle or on a cleaning cart. Since tablets weight anywhere from 4.7 grams to 40 grams the chance of someone pulling a muscle carrying them to the work site doesn’t exist. When you order 25 or 110 tablets you are getting 25 or 110 complete, pre-measured, uses of the product you purchase. You can achieve 100% accurate blending no matter where the bottles are refilled. No more measuring, “eye-balling” or spillage.

While liquids may be the way we have previously purchased cleaners and disinfecting solutions, that doesn’t mean they are the best option. OneTabs create a proven effective standardization of chemical mixing for all applications. They are new, they are efficient – and most importantly: they work!

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Sarah Brooks
Sarah Brooks


Promoter of clean homes and sustainable resources. I have been a Business Development Rep for close to 20 years and enjoy assisting my customers in finding products that are right for them. It is always my goal to have everyone at the table feel comfortable and satisfied with their buying choices.

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