8 Common Cleaning Mistakes and How You Can Stop Making Them

by Sarah Brooks February 23, 2020

8 Common Cleaning Mistakes and How You Can Stop Making Them


Using too much product

It’s easy to do so. We often believe more is better, or you like the smell of the product you are cleaning with so you add just a couple more sprays. Most of the cleaners we use in our homes are meant to clean personal home size areas and are strong enough to be effective with a small amount. Using too much of a product can result in the residue left behind on the surface; smearing and streaking. When you are done wiping down that mirror, you see a leftover haze or streaks. Chances are you are using too much product.



 Using the wrong product

Some products are pretty versatile and can be used on many surfaces and some have specific specialties. Using that wax-based furniture polish is going to do a great job cleaning and shining your solid pine dining table, but it is not going to do such a nice job on your bathtub. When looking for the right products consider what surface it is going to be used on.

Vacuuming before cleaning

You might think it’s a good idea to get the vacuuming out of the way before you get to dusting. However, you will be knocking dust and debris to the floor when cleaning other surfaces. Therefore, instead of vacuuming twice leave it as your final touch to the room.


Cleaning windows on a sunny day

Cleaning windows is best left on a cloudy day. On a beautiful sunny day, the heat from the sun will heat up the window surfaces and cause the liquid in your cleaner to evaporate too quickly, leaving behind streaks and residue. Instead, wait till a cool or cloudy day. Use the minimal product and a soft cloth for a nice, clear finish.

Spraying cleaners on electronics

Spraying cleaners directly on the electronic surface is not a good idea. Not only are electronics not waterproof, spraying a cleaning agent right on the surface can cause build-up and attract more dust. It's best to spray the cloth you are working with, and then wipe down the surface to be cleaned.


Not reading directions

Be sure to read all the directions on the cleaners you are using. Make sure they are suitable for the job you intend to do, see if they need to be diluted, and check how much product is suitable to use for your project. You should also check for warnings and potential interactions or safety measures.

Not cleaning light switches, door & cabinet handles

Often times we clean the same obvious surfaces in our homes such as the countertop, showers, and sinks. Don’t forget those places and items in your home that are frequently touched. Like faucet handles, light switches, door handles, and cabinet handles. It’s important to use an anti-bacterial product to help reduce the spread of germs through our homes.

Making conscious product choices

Our last tip is to be responsible for the products you choose. We all have to take responsibility for the future of our planet as we know things cannot continue as they are. Look for products that are safe for our environment and responsible for their packaging.


OneTab is biodegradable, available in a variety of surface-specific formulations, and encourages the reuse of existing spray bottles. It really is the Smarter, Greener, Cleaner!

Sarah Brooks
Sarah Brooks


Promoter of clean homes and sustainable resources. I have been a Business Development Rep for close to 20 years and enjoy assisting my customers in finding products that are right for them. It is always my goal to have everyone at the table feel comfortable and satisfied with their buying choices.

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