Stop throwing away these food packages! There are clever ways of reusing them!

by Shivani Patil July 12, 2020

Stop throwing away these food packages! There are clever ways of reusing them!

Every food item in the market comes in some kind of packaging. While most food packaging consists of single-use plastic, some everyday essentials are sold in glass, metal, and fibre containers. They can be easily cleaned and repurposed in our homes and at work.

How to clean the containers before reusing them?

Wash the container with warm, soapy water to eliminate any smell and contents of the previous food item. To get rid of the labels, simply place the glass container in oven/microwave for 10 minutes till it is hot. The heat should melt the glue and make peeling labels an easy task. If the surface is sticky after peeling the label off, soak it in soapy water and rinse. Another great technique to remove labels is freezing. Place a glass container in the freezer with the lid off or soak it in ice water overnight. Due to freezing, the adhesive used to stick the label solidifies and comes off quickly without leaving a gluey surface.

Wondering which packaging containers to reuse and how?

Here are some simple ideas to repurpose food containers and reduce your environmental impact.

1. Glass bottles: Oil, milk, wine, and various syrups available in the market are packaged in high-quality glass bottles. These bottles are perfect as reusable containers for storing bulk candies or to simply use as decorations.

Repurposed wine bottles

 2. Candy tins: Candy and mint tins are great for organization purposes. They can also be used as travel-sized containers for trips. Next time, don't throw away your candy tins. Tap into your creativity and find different ways to use them in your home.

candy tin

3. Glass jars: Jam, pickles, and peanut butter jars are made of good quality glass with screw-on lids. Once emptied, they can be easily washed and repurposed. From stocking food to growing plants, the options are endless.

glass jar
4. Food tins: Food tins are used and thrown out regularly. Instead of tossing them out next time, try to upcycle them. They are durable and can turn out to be awesome craft items. They can also be repurposed as silverware or craft supplies holder. Tin pots fit well in the garden too.

repurposed food tins
5. Candle jars: Candle jars are the perfect alternative for small vases. Their size is ideal for planting succulents. Candle jars are also great for organization. Use it in the bedroom to sort your make up or use it to store craft and office supplies. It is quite versatile.

reused candle jars
6. Coke bottles: Tonnes of coke bottles are already polluting the planet. Next time you finish your cola, try reusing the glass bottle. It's small and handy in the kitchen. Store oils or use them as dish soap dispensers.

reused coca-cola bottlePicture courtesy: nuannaarpoq.wordpress

7. Cleaning spray bottles: Do not discard your single-use cleaning spray bottles after running out. Instead, refill them with our cleaning tablets. With just one tab you get a whole bottle of powerful cleaning solution, and one less plastic bottle is thrown away.

cleaning spray

OneTab All Purpose cleaner

Have more creative ideas to reduce waste and repurpose packaging? Share them in the comments below! We'd love to hear them!

Shivani Patil
Shivani Patil


Shivani is a motivated marketing professional, nature lover, artist and anime geek. A recent graduate in Public Relations & Corporate Communications, she is recognized for developing out-of-the-box ideas & effective marketing campaigns. When she is not working, you will find her taking strolls across the park or sitting in a corner, working her magic on a canvas. She believes in learning something from every person she meets.

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