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by Crysta Hammond May 25, 2022

National Wine Day: How to Clean Wine Glasses to Prevent Cloudiness

National Wine Day

National Wine Day is a wine lovers’ favourites day! A special moment to try out different wine brands and unwind with friends and family.

While you shop for your favourite wine, don’t forget that you need sparkling glasses for a perfect day.

However, if you notice cloudiness after a thorough wash, you probably use the wrong cleaning methods.

Frequent use of harmful chemicals can also cause wine glass dullness.

In this article, we will recommend the best techniques for sparkling wine glasses!

What Makes a Wine Glass Dull?

Cloudy glasses don’t just happen. Two main factors are the culprits:

  1. Hard Water Mineral Build-up

Hard water contains a high level of minerals like calcium bicarbonate and magnesium. Overtime, these minerals can leave deposits on your glass and cause dullness.

Apart from glass cloudiness, you can detect the hardness of water from its unpleasant taste. Besides, if working up a lather with soap is tough, you’re dealing with hard water.

OneTab's Hard Scale Eliminator helps you deal with glass cloudiness. It brightens wine glasses by removing calcium and other minerals.

  1. Etching from High Heat or Excessive Drying

A worn-out glass can look dull. If you notice partial or complete etching, one of these factors may be the cause.

  • Regular usage: If you’ve used the same set of glasses for years, you probably need think you need to buy new ones. Well there is no need to, because OneTab's Hard Scale Eliminator will save the day!
  • Harmful chemicals: Utilizing the wrong dishwasher detergent can deposit harmful chemicals on your glasses' surface as well as harmful bacteria. 

OneTab Hard Scale Eliminator

What You Need For Wine Glass Cleaning

  1. OneTab Hard Scale Eliminator:

    OneTab Hard Scale Eliminator removes calcium, and other harmful mineral deposits that cause dulling and cloudiness. Besides, the ingredients in the OneTab will eliminate pathogens in the glass for a safer drink.

  2. Warm Soft Water

    Avoid washing wine glasses with excessively hot water as it may cause cracks.

  3. OneWipe Microfibre Wipe
    OneWipe Microfibre Wipes:

    Choose your microfibre cloth/wipe carefully. With excessive usage, some of fibres can have debris stuck in them which can cause abrasion when used. Use OneWipes to clean your wine glasses to show a streak-free shine!

How to Clean a Dull Wine Glass

Cleaning your wine glass is simple with these OneTab Hard Scale Eliminator tabs.

  1. Pre Cleaning
    • Load the dishwasher with your glassware.
    • Add your regular dish detergent and run the dishwasher as per normal. No need to use the "dry cycle". It is ok if your glasses are wet for the next step.
      Wine Glasses in Dishwasher
  2. Descale
    • When step 1 is complete, open the dishwasher and put a single tab of Hard Scale Eliminator on the bottom of the dishwasher.
    • Run the dishwasher one more time, this time without any dishwasher detergent using only the Hard Scale Eliminator tab.
      OneTab Hard Scale Eliminator
  3. Shine

Quit worrying or wasting your time with trying to shine those glasses - and go pick a good bottle of wine, and have a memorable National Wine Day!

Crysta Hammond
Crysta Hammond


Crysta Hammond first entered the marketing field in 2001 with a diploma in Multimedia Design & Communications. Throughout her career, Crysta has gained invaluable experience in marketing & graphic design with leading brands such as Harley-Davidson and Travel Alberta, and continues her ongoing quest for further education with diploma's in Social Media Marketing and is Google Analytics Certified. Today, Crysta is the VP of Corporate Branding & Design for GardGroup Inc and it's subsidiaries.

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