How to Recycle OneTab Packaging

by Sarah Brooks April 09, 2020

How to Recycle OneTab Packaging

When OneTab household cleaners were created it was with the intention of providing consumers with effective cleaning power in a cost-effective and sustainable packaging format.

If you are not familiar with OneTab, let me explain how it works. At the time of this blog post, OneTabs are available in 4 job-specific formulations All Purpose, Anti-Bacterial, Bathroom and Glass cleaners, and we are adding new formulations all the time. Each card contains 4 x 4.7 gram tablets, and each of those tablets creates a 750ml of powerful cleaning solution for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. We recommend that you reuse an existing spray bottle. Ensure the bottle is clean of all previous lIquids & chemical remnants. For instructions on how to clean your bottle – refer to our blog post:
  2. DROP in the tablet of your choice.
  3. FILL the bottle with 750ml of warm/hot tap water.
  4. While waiting for the tablet to dissolve remove the identification label from the back of the card and apply it to your reused bottle.
  5. Once the tablet has dissolved (approx. 3-5 minutes) attach your spray nozzle, give the bottle a SHAKE and then go ahead and clean.

Once you have used all 4 of your tablets you are left with the empty package. We encourage you to recycle that package. In order to do this properly please follow these instructions:

1. Separate plastic bubble pack from paper card

OneTab_Packaging_Step 1

 2. Place bubble pack into the appropriate blue box


3. Place paper card into an appropriate blue box with your regular newspaper and cardboard recyclables.

OneTab_Packaging_Step 3

It is important that we all make the effort to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever the opportunity presents itself. Every time we throw an item into the trash it ends up at a landfill either near your home or near someone else’s. We save energy, resources and our planet by making the smart choice to recycle.

To see a list of items that are recyclable in your area take a look at your city's recycling guidelines which are generally available online or by contacting your local collection agency. 

we’re doing our part to help reduce consumer plastic waste – are you doing yours?

#ChooseOneTab #Reuse

Sarah Brooks
Sarah Brooks


Promoter of clean homes and sustainable resources. I have been a Business Development Rep for close to 20 years and enjoy assisting my customers in finding products that are right for them. It is always my goal to have everyone at the table feel comfortable and satisfied with their buying choices.

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