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by Faith Zeal May 10, 2022

Decluttering Checklist

Decluttering your room starts with creating a checklist of things you don't need. You can either recycle or donate them. If you have these items in your house, add them to your list.

1. Unused, Broken or Outdated Electronics

Old TV set

Do you really need that old radio and TV set? If you won’t use them, donate them to your local goodwill or local electronics  recycling  depot. Don’t forget to include the remote!

2. Old Magazines & Newspapers

Old magazines

Unless there are special articles, you want to save for a lifetime, recycle them. Consider removing these articles and filing them in a binder or scrapbook.

3. Mugs and Drinking Glasses

Cups on wall | Photo by Emre Can Acer:

Photo by Emre Can Acer

You can have several mugs and glasses but you may not use them all. Donate the ones you don’t use regularly or that don't match. Look for cracks or chips and recycle these glasses at your local recycling depot.

4. Dried-Out Pens or Markers With No Ink

Pens are great when there is ink. If you have several pens with no dried-up or no ink, you don’t need them.

5. Unused Toys

Unused Toys

Children outgrow toys. If they no longer like them, clear them and donate them. If they are damaged, it’s time to throw them away.

6. Expired Makeup

Expired Makeup

Makeup items can occupy space in your bathroom or on your dressing table. Check your kit for expired items, and dispose them.

7. Storage Containers With No Lids

Food Containers

Storage items with no lids will do you no good. Add these to your list of items to go away.

8. Uncomfortable, Oversize/Undersize Shoes & Clothes

Clothes Donation

If you’re not going to wear them donate them.

9. Vases and Unused Plant Pots


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

Donate them to your local flower shop or donation centre. 

10. Candle Jars or Oil Diffusers

reed diffuser

Empty candle jars or reed diffusers can make your room and living space cluttered. Clean them and then donate them or recycle them at your local recycle depot.

Repurpose Empty Bottles

Repurpose Empty Bottles

Do you have that wine bottle you saved because you like the label and it’s just sitting there collecting dust? Well use it! There’s alot you can do with empty bottles. You can create make-shift flower vases or candle holders with them.

Check your existing cleaning bottles: one of the sprayers might fit on your glass bottle! Glass wine bottles make excellent cleaning bottles. Repurpose any empty 750ml bottle, add a OneTab fill with warm water and shake.

Decluttering your home is necessary if you want a safer and more organized living space.

Faith Zeal
Faith Zeal


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