Improper Use of Disinfectants

by Crysta Hammond April 25, 2020

Improper Use of Disinfectants

Throughout this pandemic we have, and in the months to come - will be, hearing a lot of speculation as to what might rid us of COVID-19. While most individuals are leaving the science up to the scientists for discovering possible cures, there has been a surge of misinformation being spread across social media and other online platforms, and in rare instances these myths have proven very harmful if not fatal.

One of these myths that has sparked an outcry from medical researchers and incurred the fury of the medical industry over the past week has been whether or not disinfectants and/or cleaners are appropriate for the internal treatment of COVID-19.

SurfaceScience Inc., the makers of multiple surface coatings and cleaners, including the OneTab brand of household cleaning tablets, would like to assert the dangers associated with the improper use of disinfectants or cleaners. Under no circumstances should any household cleaner or disinfectant be consumed nor injected. These substances are not a cure for COVID-19 and should never be used internally.

Household cleaners and disinfectants are intended for the cleaning or disinfecting of hard and/or soft surfaces as stated on each product label. The CDC and the EPA both state that cleaners and disinfectants, should be treated within your home as a chemical substance which includes keeping the product out of reach of children and to read all manufacturer guidelines including instructions, warnings, and first aid precautions located on the label prior to use. 

For up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 please visit or follow Health Canada on twitter at If you would like to read more about this topic and other COVID-19 myths vs. facts visit the World Health Organizations Myth Busters website at or

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Crysta Hammond
Crysta Hammond


Crysta Hammond first entered the marketing field in 2001 with a diploma in Multimedia Design & Communications. Throughout her career, Crysta has gained invaluable experience in marketing & graphic design with leading brands such as Harley-Davidson and Travel Alberta, and continues her ongoing quest for further education with diploma's in Social Media Marketing and is Google Analytics Certified. Today, Crysta is the VP of Corporate Branding & Design for GardGroup Inc and it's subsidiaries.

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