6 Time-Saving Tips to Simplify Spring Cleaning

by Shivani Patil May 03, 2022

6 Time-Saving Tips to Simplify Spring Cleaning

As we all know Spring is here and we are all going to have to tackle Spring Cleaning at some point. But until the weather gets better, we wanted to share 6 time-saving techniques you can follow to reduce the cleaning chores during spring cleaning.

  1. Pick up litter & trash before going to bed every night.

Crumpled papers, tissues, make-up wipes, whatever it may be – dispose it all of in the trash before sleeping.


  1. Keep cleaning supplies handy.

Keep all your cleaning supplies together in a cady or how we do it here - in the basket. Unlike traditional cleaners, our cleaning tablets are compact and can be stacked together to save storage space. Also, if you notice, each card comes with 4 cleaning tablets which make 4 bottles of 750 ml cleaning solution. So if you run out of one bottle, you can always refill more. If you’re wondering how to refill them, it’s quite simple. Take any cleaning bottle you have at home, fill 750 ml of warm water, drop the tablet, and let it dissolve. Once dissolved, give it a nice shake and get cleaned!

OneTab Cleaning Supplies

  1. After using the bathroom, clean the sink as you wash your hands.

Sinks can get dirty really quick. So instead of waiting till the end of the week, clean as you wash your hands to stop the excess build-up of dirt and grime.

Person washing hands

  1. Assign a designated spot for everything

When you have a specific space allocated, it’s easy to take that item and put it back after use. It saves up decluttering time on the weekend.

Person keeping things on shelf

  1. Clean as you cook

This is a great habit to have if you cook on a regular basis because it saves time and effort in cleaning up after. But, if you’re like me who doesn’t enjoy cooking, subscription meal boxes are a huge savior!

Person disposing veggie scraps

  1. Deep clean all the appliances in your home.

Cleaning appliances like dishwashers, and washing machine regularly can improve their efficiency and also reduce time spent cleaning them during spring cleaning. And if you feel too lazy to wipe them down manually, use our appliance maintenance tablets. Just one tablet per month in an empty cycle thoroughly cleanses the interior components of your appliance that you otherwise can’t reach. It’s a game-changer.

Person holding appliance cleaning tablet

Hope you give some of these tips a try! These will help you spend fewer weekends scrubbing, and more time doing what you love! And hey, you’ll have way less work for spring cleaning!

Have more tips? Share with us in the comments below. 

Shivani Patil
Shivani Patil


Shivani is a motivated marketing professional, nature lover, artist and anime geek. A recent graduate in Public Relations & Corporate Communications, she is recognized for developing out-of-the-box ideas & effective marketing campaigns. When she is not working, you will find her taking strolls across the park or sitting in a corner, working her magic on a canvas. She believes in learning something from every person she meets.

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