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Uploaded by Sarah Brooks March 03, 2020

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London company looks to Fanshawe students to spread a message through art. A London company is holding an art competition in the name of going green.

SurfaceScience is a London based company specializing in eco-friendly protection and cleaning solutions.

They’re partnering with the Fanshawe art program to put on a contest filled with art made from recyclable materials.

Sarah Brooks is part of the team working with their newest product, OneTab, which is the namesake of this competition.

“The goal of it is to allow the students to express themselves and show what plastic waste either looks like to them or is represented to them in a creative way,” said Brooks.

“Our goal here is to reduce plastic waste. That’s why we created the OneTab product. Having the students be able to express themselves and show a physical display of what that looks like to them allows us to work together”

Brooks also explained that there’s a very specific reason they chose to work with students on this project. The most obvious reason is that she is Fanshawe Alumni.

OneTab on 106.9 The XThe most impactful reason is interesting, though. “Students have an interesting way of looking at things and being creative, and maybe letting people see what that looks like to them in different mediums and in different ways,” she told XFM News. Donald Hawken, Owner of SurfaceScience, (Left) and Sarah Brooks (Right) (Photo by Alessio Donnini) “For some people, it may be making something beautiful out of something that’s been thrown away. And for somebody else, it may be a visual representation of what that waste looks like.” Finally, there’s an incentive for students to get into it—if spreading the eco-friendly word isn’t enough—cash prizes and publicity. “The winner of the contest will get the first-place prize at $500,” she began.

“On top of that, we would commission their piece for a period of one year, where we would display their item in our social media and marketing campaigns. If we are at different events such as the green living show, we would have that item on display.”

Registration for the competition closes on March 13th, and submissions are due on April 13th.


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